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Industrial Cooling Water Treatment Technology

Shouchang Xu
East China Institute of Chemical Technology
Chemical industry press, Beijing, 1984

Abstract: This book is an engineering technology book that focuses on the practicability of industrial water treatment technology. It adds some new content and amendment based on the first edition. This book have four chapters, the first one is introducing water characteristics and pretreatment of industry water (coagulation, precipitation and clarification, filtration, iron remove, softening and chloride remove, etc) and its setting; the second chapter gives a introduction of cooling water recycling system and recycle cooling water treatment (sediments, metal corrosion, microorganism and its control, cleaning and membrane, daily operation and field monitoring); the third chapter gives boiler water introduction and its treatment technology (boiler water and its vapor quality standard, basic principle of ion exchange resins and high value exchange, ion exchange water treatment, membrane treatment of demineralized water, condensate water purify, chemical adding of the boiler, thermal equipment system corrosion and control, the boiler chemical cleaning); Water quality analysis, sediments analysis and common water disposal chemicals analysis methods are provided in the fourth chapter. In general, this book also introduced the recycle cooling water requirements and control standard, quality standard for industry equipment cleaning, water treatment reagent quality standard, professional computer system for cooling water treatment consulting, high pressure water cleaning, reverse osmosis and other new technology in the latest national standard "industrial recycle cooling water system design standard”. In addition, it also has some industrial water treatment field application examples introductions.