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Complex Theoretical Methods and its Application of Water Resource Systems

Tsinghua University, monographs
Tshinghua University press 2008-01-01

Abstract: "Complex theoretical methods and its application of water resource systems" gives comprehensive overview of the macro water system research theory, method and mathematical model. In water resource system sector, this book suggests using complex adaptive system theory, and provides three typical research cases to show the theory applications. Seven chapters are included in this book, chapters 1-3 mainly focus on the basic theory of complexity of the water resources system and model; Article 4-6 chapter are the special subjects section introducing theories and models, respectively in the production practice and theoretical research of three applications. The last chapter summarized the theories and models, and its development prospect.
In content, this book use simple, practical and easy way to show the example case study. Therefore, this book is suitable for professional technical researchers and college teachers and students in water resource, geological, environmental fields. It is also welcome to the engineers and researchers in water resource planning and management fields.