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1.1 Background
Currently, China’s total installed hydropower capacity ranks first in the world, in which SHP (Small Hydropower) accounts for about 1/3. China’s SHP equipment have a large market in world market, however, automatic control equipment technology applied in SHP industry is not matured enough to meet requirements; and no real unattended SHP station was provided for observing and learning before. At the end of 1990s, after the upgrading of urban and rural power grids, most transformer substations realize unattended operation. In 2009, under substantial support of the Ministry of Water Resources, Hunan Huazi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd (hereafter called HNAC) is active in promoting “unattended power station”, pump station informatization management system and other projects. At now, pilot projects have been implemented at several hydropower stations. Communication on practical experiences among trainees can greatly promote the upgrading of the automatic control equipment applied in the small-and-medium-sized hydropower for developing countries, and improve technology development in small-and-medium-sized hydropower equipment.

In terms of automation and informatization management, many developing countries in South East Asia and Africa are still in the slow development phase, mostly due to the shortage of professional talents, which has a negative impact on the internationalization of hydropower automatic control industry. Making use of its technical and industrial advantages in automatic control industry for small-and-medium-sized hydropower, HNAC undertakes the 2011 Workshop on Information Technology for Small-and-medium Hydropower to settle the above-mentioned issue, and to solve existed difficulties and problems in time by post track service.
1.2 Significance
To promote the development of the automation and informatization of small-and-medium-sized hydropower in developing countries; to boost the upgrading of the automatic control equipment for small-and-medium-sized hydropower in developing countries;

To train professionals in the automation and informatization of small-and-middle-sized hydropower in developing countries; to guarantee the internationalization, standardization of the sustainable development of small-and-medium-sized hydropower automation system;

To improve exchanges on the advantageous technology in China hydro power automation and favorable water resources in developing countries, further improving the favorable transfer of scientific and technical achievements in hydropower automation and informatization around the world;

Based on the platform of SEM Water Resources Research and Development Center, through the exchange and cooperation among Asian-European countries in terms of water resources and environment, especially watershed ecosystem management, the water resources protection and watershed ecosystem management system suitable for developing countries will be built; at the same time, the establishment of the management system brings further development to the hydropower information technology and famous brand in the industry.
Duration: August 20-September 10, 2011(20days)
Registration closing date: May 15, 2011
3. Location
Hunan Huazi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: Lusong Rd, Lu Valley National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan 410205, P. R. China
4.1 Content
 From Smart Grid to digitized hydropower station
 Introduction on the control equipment of hydropower station

 Automatic control system of turbine-generator unit
 Introduction on
completely unattended power station
 The design of automatic system and
 plant model selection for small-and-medium-sized hydropower stations
 Operation and maintenance of small-and-medium-sized hydropower stations
 Practice and visit
4.2 Working language English
Applicants should
5.1 come from developing countries;
5.2 have a Bachelor’s Degree or above degrees and be a specialist in the field of information under the age of 45, but with rare exceptions;
5.3 be scientific and research technicians, enterprise managers and government officials capable of speaking and writing in English;
5.4 be in good health
6.1 Applicants should complete the enclosed application form with signature and return back to the organizer before;
6.2 The second circular will be sent to the trainees with a formal invitation and tentative schedule of the workshop;
6.3 Submit a health certificate;
6.4 Submit a copy of your passport
7.1 International travel expenses will be borne by the trainees themselves (round trip tickets between his/her home country and Changsha Airport or Changsha Railway Station);
7.2 Registration fee is free;
7.3 Chinese government will cover the expenditure of accommodation, local transportation and training expenses during the workshop in China for the trainees from developing countries. However, trainees are advised to have some pocket money for personal purpose such as distance call or daily necessities and so on;
7.4 Trainees from developed countries should cover their own expenditure related to the training workshop, including accommodation, transportation and other expenses in China.
7.5 Medical expenses during the workshop shall be paid by trainees themselves.
Hunan Huazi Science & Technology Co., Ltd (herein referred to HNAC), is a hi-tech enterprise located in Changsha national high-tech industrial development zone. Since the establishment in 1993, HNAC has committed itself to the integrated information processing and automatic control system for industries regarding the hydropower, pump station, substation, the water conservancy and the sewage treatment, etc. Till the end of 2010, HNAC has exported products to more than 30 countries around the world; and its products have been successfully operated by more than 50000 customers around 31provinces and municipal cities.
As a leading enterprise in small-and-medium-sized hydropower automatic control industry, HNAC has following advantages:
HNAC is the globally unique manufacturing base for UNIDO ICSHP Hydropower Control Equipment (UNIDO ICSHP is abbreviation for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization International Center on Small Hydropower);
HNAC is the largest production & research center in terms of the software and hardware production for small-and-medium-sized automatic system, pump station automation system in China, with the largest domestic market share;
HNAC is one of major drafters of national or industrial standards applied in the small-and-medium-sized hydropower automatic control system, pump station automation and informatization system and excitation governor automation system;
Established the unique Remote Control Service Platform in the industry, HNAC provides remote service to overseas customers for integrated information maintenance based on internet.
Normally we will pick you up at the Changsha Railway Station or Changsha Huanghua Airport.
To the city:
There are frequent daily flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to Changsha. For trainees from South-east Asian countries, it will be more convenient for you to come to Changsha via Kunming than other cities.
After arriving at Changsha airport, you can take a taxi to HNAC. This will cost you about 100 Yuan RMB (about USD 16) and take one hour to get to HNAC.
Alternatively, you can take an airport shuttle bus that runs every half hour between the Airport and Aviation Hotel (End of the rout), from which you take a taxi (about 70 Yuan RMB or 11USD) to HNAC.
Located in the south of China, Hunan is an in-land province with a population of 66 million. The average temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade. The best season is from May to October. The province boasts much beautiful, natural scenery, among which Zhang Jiajie in the west is the first national park in China famous for its unique and precipitous stones. There are four big rivers running across the province that provide rich water resource. Hunan has a long history of agricultural production.
Changsha is characterized as a temperate climate with copious rainfall and four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 17degrees centigrade. The annual precipitation in this area is between 1,300 and 1,700 mm/hours.
It is usually sunny and hot in August and September in Changsha with the temperature ranging from 30 to 35.
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