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Changsha Sanchao Metallurgical Manufacture Co., Ltd.

The company possesses many patents with independent intellectual property rights, talents and advanced technologies. Some key products and projects are as follows: "Self-help Mobile Mine Rescue Capsule", "Mother and Son Attached Walking Forest Fire-extinguishing Equipment", "Bulk Cement, Bulk Grain 'door to door' Multimodal Transport and Facilities", “Urban Domestic Waste Resources Utilization and Zero-emission System Project", etc.

Project Profile
Urban Domestic Waste Resources Utilization and Zero-emission System Project: First make use of the company’s patented product Drying Filtration Equipment to recycle excrement from domestic wastewater; then use another patented product Embedded Fully-enclosed Domestic Garbage Classification Compressor Stations to separate part of the organic waste from domestic waste, which, then together with the excrement recycled from the first step, jointly converted into biogas by using anaerobic fermentation technology while the residue is prepared for efficient organic fertilizer by adding trace elements. The absorbent substance called Beads of Bubble Glass in the company's patented product Mineral Charcoal Material Filter Equipment is made of waste glass which is separated from domestic garbage. The technology constitutes a complete ecological cycle (crops → human life → waste excrement → processing → biogas production → efficient organic fertilizer → crops). It has realized the aims to turn wastes into treasure, and to generate clean energy and green organic fertilizer during the process of cleaner production.

Liu Xin-chao
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