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Hunan Loudi Taiyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Situated in Louxing District of Loudi City in Hunan province, Hunan Loudi Taiyang Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in technology of environmental protection and focuses on energy-saving and emission-reduction, especially on the research of how to recycle solid waste. It has developed two new technologies, i.e. situ regenerative technology of polluted filtrating material and comprehensive utilization of waste emulsion, both of which can provide a new approach to energy-saving and emission-reduction in steel industry.

Project Profile
In-situ Regenerative Technology for Contaminated Filter of Water Treatment System in Steel Industry: The project was latest developed and researched. It has the original innovation significance and has obtained intellectual property rights. At present, it has being popularly applied on a large scale, with its full capacity of contaminated filter media treatment reaching 20,000 tons per year. The project received scientific and technological achievements certificate of environmental protection in 2009 awarded by the State Department of Environmental Protection, and received three national utility model patents, among which, an invention patent has been published and entered a substantive review process.

Li Ye-qun, General Manager
Address: 3th floor, Zhenxing Building, Lianyuan Iron and Steel Plant, Louxing District, Loudi City, Hunan Province
Postcode: 417009
Tel: 0738-8613388
Fax: 0738-8612185
E-mail: Liyequn9315@163.com