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Hunan Dachen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

As a high and new technological enterprise, the range of our company’s business varies from development and application of environmental pollution treatment techniques, tests, and designs, to constructions of environmental pollution project, and operation of environmental pollution facilities. Our company has some young and pragmatic core technical staff that devote to abating industrial waste water or urban sewage and protecting the eco-environment. During their long-term work, they have made great contributions and gained good reputations in effluent treatment. They know the techniques of effluent treatment well and put them into practice, including advanced chemical oxidation technology, new-code technique of wastewater containing heavy metals treatment, HUSB technique, UASB anaerobic technique, SBR technique and biological contact oxidation process.

Project Profile
Technique of Treatment of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metals: The self-manufactured ZF heavy metal-gathering medicine is put into the waste water in suitable PH environment for eight to fifteen minutes to treat the wastewater containing heavy metals in complex and non-complex state and many kinds of metal sewage containing such as silver, copper, lead, chromium, cadmium, zinc and nickel.

Technique for Treating the High Concentrated Recalcitrant Organic Wastewater: The technique combines advanced chemical oxidation pretreatment, UASB and SBR. The combination of chemical and biological treatment makes it more efficient and can reduce the cost of wastewater’s operation. Other high concentrated organic wastewater such as those of papermaking, pharmacy, printing, cultivation and currier are also applied to the technique. The wastewater treatment in the whole process operates voluntarily and adjusts to different industrial wastewater with high efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance.

Landscape Style Design of Wastewater Treatment: It combines mature technique, landscape, afforests and other specialties together. Pleasant and harmonious environment is formed on condition that the system of wastewater treatment is operating steadily and normally. The style of burying the whole ground can make full use of the space. The aboveground can be used as parking lots, landscapes or others. It can be applied to the following conditions such as lacking of land resources, searching new site plot plan and new-code wastewater treatment in industrial park.

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