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Hunan Yongqing Environmental Protection Technology

Hunan Yongqing, established in 1998, focuses on the design and construction of some industrial projects such as domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and solid waste. It also engages in the operation of environmental protection facilities and has the capability to contract in large projects. Meanwhile, it has qualifications for “Municipal and Public Sector (drainage, sanitation) B”, and operation certifications for environmental pollution treatment facilities “Industrial wastewater A” and “Domestic sewage B”. It has passed the certification of ISO9001/ SIO14001/ OHSAS8001 and acquired qualification of Hi-tech and quality-trustworthy enterprise.

Project Profile
Combined Biofilm Process and Reuse Technology: The program uses a pioneering new type of mineral filter and advanced combined biofilm process SBR, so as to produce less mud, consume less energy and run flexibly.

DAT-IAT Technical Treatment of Domestic wastewater: Self researched and designed, DAT-IAT has successfully developed packages of process design and PLC programming control, achieved auto-running of domestic wastewater treatment station. Meanwhile, by on-line monitoring, the company can real-time optimize the regulation of aeration, sludge reflux ratio, decanter time of DAT pool and IAT pool to save energy and resources.

High Efficient Module Combination of Sewage Treatment Technology: The technology provides an efficient module combination of sewage treatment which can quickly produce high-quality water that can be reused, with fewer covering areas, less investment, energy, running fees, and easier management. Drawbacks including complex components of organic wastewater, high-density, too much sluge and secondary pollution in traditional way of A/O, can be made up with this technology.

Upward Flow of Anti-granularity Fast Filter Technology: The company provides an upward flow of anti-granularity fast filter technology which has advanced process and rational scientific structure to ameliorate the shortage of existing domestic filter process, that is, short filtration cycle, low filtration speed and great loss.

Wei Zhi-wen, Luo Song-bo
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