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Hunan Jiufang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

We have 166 employees including 6 professorial senior engineers, 30 senior engineers and 6 senior economists. Among them there are 26 national registered engineers and 15 possessing PhD and master’s degree. Our company owns a powerful research and development capacity, and all the leaders of technology and research are overseas returnees. In the course of many years’ business, we have maintained good cooperative relationship with a number of domestic large-scale enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign universities and consultancies. For instance, we set up harmonious relationship with Danish COW I Corporation, Germany Dr. Born - Dr. Ermel Corporation, Germany Hannover Water Association, Norway "Clean Water Norway" Organization, Norway International Peace Organization (FK), Norway Anoxkaldnes Corporation, German University of Hannover, Norway University of Life Sciences, Norway Malthe Winje Corporation etc. Our company focuses on environmental projects, and the main services include R&D, consultation, design, general contractor, environmental protection facility management, equipment integration, training, and technology and product trade in different fields such as municipal, electricity power, chemical, metallurgical industries.

Project Profile
Products used in urban water-supply projects: HYD Pipe-network Non-negative Pressure Water-supply Equipment, Powdered Activated Carbon Dosing Smart Device, Assembly-static Tube Mixer, Auto-controlling Chemical Adding Device, the research and application of Incorporated Process of Clarification and Floating-Filtration.
Products used in industrial and urban wastewater treatment project: Fluidized-bed Bio-film Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Assembly-type Integration of Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Processing Technology and Facilities of Regenerated Papermaking Wastewater.
Products used in landfill leachable treatment project: Vehicle-mounted mobile penetration filtrate garbage treatment.
Complete water treatment equipment: Auto-Controlling Sludge Discharging Equipment, Hydraulically Controlled Diaphragm-type Multi-ramp valves, Hydraulically Controlled Diaphragm-type Water Level Control Valves, Hydraulically Controlled Diaphragm Type Multifunctional Pump Control Valves, Hydraulically Controlled Piston-type Water Hammer Bleed Valve Hydraulic Control Valve Diaphragm.

Tong Le-le, Administration Department Deputy Manager
Address: No. 2 domain of the Central Room 1706, No.253, Wuyi Road, Changsha, Hunan.
Tel: 0731-85116321-608 15084898953
Fax: 0731-285116322
E-mail: tonglele@126.com