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Hunan Hyso Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Relying on the environment biotechnology of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Central South University, owning a modern, professional research institution and a large number of domestic and foreign talents, the company has developed several biotechnologies, such as dry-type bio-reactor technology, solid bio-technology of high-dry anaerobic digestion, technology of high ammonia nitrogen in wastewater resource recovery. By introducing micro-biochemical MBP recovery technology and latest achievements concerning high-flux constructed wetland environment, the company has developed: certain ecological toilet with no water and no electricity; a small blue-green algae water treatment equipment; small-scale biological wastewater treatment system with zero running cost in rural area; new technology and complete sets of equipment of bio-organic fertilizer, etc., which have been successfully applied in Hunan, Shanghai and other places and have received high evaluation.

Project Profile
Recovery of ammonia nitrogen from aquaculture wastewater and management of complete sets of equipment:
The rate of ammonia nitrogen recovery achieves 96% or more.
Recycled materials are slow-release fertilizers of high quality.
After treatment, the quality of wastewater is superior to top emission standard.
Low investment and low operation cost.
Complete sets of equipment, easy installation and maintenance.

New small-scaled rural sewage bio-treatment technology with zero running cost and non-maintenance:
Easy construction
Zero operating cost
No need to maintain
The quality of treated wastewater can reach effluent quality criteria for Class A.
Anhydrous, no electricity and odorless eco-toilet:
No water or power needed, completely energy saving in the whole process.
Nightsoil treatment: combine anaerobic and aerobic disposal techniques; alternatively dispose anaerobic and aerobic in a same container; and transfer the output into a high-efficient microbial organic fertilizer that is safe and can be recycled.
Non-water machinery technique allows self-cleanness and hygiene.

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