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Hunan Gather-energy New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Gather-energy New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in technical consultation and services in environmental protection, R&D of the new materials, new energy and product, research and manufacturing of the energy and environmental protection equipment, chemical reagent and the test instrument, new product crafts plan design as well as research and the plan design about the “three wastes” treatment and the comprehensive utilization craft and facilities.

Project Profile
Research on High-sol Wastewater Comprehensive Utilization: The key to this project mainly consists in two parts: Polarization; Functional membrane & Electric absorption. Polarization--Changing the molecular properties by polarization is to create conditions and to simplify processes to treat refractory wastewater, such as sol wastewater, which is hard to deal with via existing flocculation technology. We have developed an effective polarization technology to make sol instable and then precipitate, jointly with “multifunction flocculation dewatering agent", to achieve the aim of recovering sol and purifying water quality. Polarization technique for sol-containing wastewater treatment has some advantages: low investment and low operation cost; fast flocculation velocity; low energy consumption; increased water reuse rate; valuable sol recovery based on the value; improved dehydration rate, and no secondary pollution, etc.

Functional membrane & Electric absorption--Based on electric double layer theory, the electrically charged electrode surface adsorbs ions and charged particles in water, thus we tried to make soluble salts and other charged substances in water gathering in the electrode surface for the purpose of water purification. The functional membrane + electric adsorption can recover polarized substances (heavy metals, salts) in the wastewater. Electric absorption characteristics are: low energy consumption, high water utilization rate (70~90%), low investment, less space, high operation elasticity (based on the need for adjustable desalination rate), no secondary pollution.

Research on Refractory Organic Wastewater Treatment: The application of enzyme and microbe is one of the main development directions of current wastewater treatment. We make bio-enzyme screened and optimized and use immobilized enzyme treating wastewater, which is prepared jointly by sol-gel method, polymer materials and molecular sieve stabilization technology, and synergistic processing with the reduction of co-catalysts. In addition, on the basis of our many years research on the metal phthalocyanine, we use natural and artificial macromolecule which is simulated natural enzymes. Compared to microbial enzymatic technology and referenced to MBBR technology, we use circulating fluidized bed technology to process high strength ammonia wastewater (removal rate 90~98.5%, 5~60 min), refractory organic wastewater (phenol, dyes, aliphatic carboxylic acids, alkanes, simple aromatic compounds, pesticide residues, etc.). The characteristics include: less investment, fast response, no secondary pollution caused by micro-organisms, low energy consumption, high water recovery rate, low operation cost, effective natural ecological environment restoration.

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