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Hunan Henghui Membrane Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, as a subsidiary of Hunan Environmental Industrial Co., Ltd., our company is a Sino-Dutch joint venture, which is the first specialized enterprise in China to introduce internationally applied technology of inorganic ceramic membrane. Certified by international quality system authentication of ISO 9001:2000 and environmental management system authentication of ISO14001: 2004, our company has been listed as one of the major supported enterprises in water treatment equipment in environmental protection industry as well as one major supported units of 100 “little giants” of Hunan.

Project Profile
Inorganic + Biochemical Technology: Having achieved ideal results when applied in the project of oily wastewater disposal, particularly of steel-rolling wastewater, the technology can make big economic, environmental and social benefits. Our products have been successfully applied in many fields, which mainly includes disposal of oily emulsifying liquid in iron and steel, machinery, petrochemical and other industries; purification and recycling of cutting liquid, separation and concentration of bacilli and liquid in fermented liquid in fermentation industry such as antibiotics, glutamic acid, vitamin C, yeast, enzymes etc; clarification and concentration of fruit juice, derosination and concentration of milk, sterilization and clarification of soy sauce in food service industry; edulcoration and purification of TCM oral medicine, separation and concentration of extract liquid in planting extract process; refinement of brine, recycling of catalysts in chlor-alkali industry.

Inorganic Membrane Treatment of Oily Wastewater: This technology has been identified by the State Environmental Protection Administration as the key national practical technology of environmental protection. Besides, it won the gold medal in the Seventh China International Environmental Protection Exhibition.

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