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Changsha Huashijie Environmental Protection

Founded in 2000, it is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise that devotes itself to on-line monitoring and early warning technology on heavy metal in water and the electro-coagulation treatment technology on heavy metal wastewater. Huashijie has a research team composed of several PhDs (including those returned overseas) and senior engineers. Always adhering to independent innovation to solve difficult technical problems concerning environmental protection, it has attained a number of national patents. The company actively carries out technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and keeps up with the forefront of environmental technology. Upholding the concept of “always think more than what customers think, do more than what customers expect”, Huashijie has established a service network throughout China.

Project Profile
Heavy metal wastewater electro-coagulation treatment technology: Being efficient, clean, economical and environmental-friendly feature the technology, with which almost all kinds of heavy metals in the water can be dealt with simultaneously. The quality of the treated water is beyond national standards. And it can be applied to treat non-ferrous metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, electroplating and other industrial wastewater. At present, the technology has been used in the first demonstration project of the Xiang River rehabilitation——the heavy metal wastewater electro-coagulation treatment project in the Shuikoushan non-ferrous metals Group Co., Ltd., and has been used in the Yunnan Yangzonghai arsenic remediation project.

Heavy metal on-line monitoring and early warning systems: Huashijie is one of the first in China to have developed a series of on-line monitoring and early warning systems on heavy metal, e.g. cadmium, arsenic, lead, copper, nickel, hexavalent chromium, etc. The systems fill a number of domestic gaps, and some have reached international advanced level. The systems can be widely used in automatic monitoring and early warning on heavy metal contamination in metallurgy, chemical industry, electroplating, electronics and other industries. Currently, they have been successfully applied in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, also in many large enterprises and industrial parks, and some foreign-funded enterprises such as Panasonic, Sony, etc.

Tang Lang, Vice Manager
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