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Hunan Changsha Jiarun Percolation Irrigation Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, Hunan Changsha Jiarun Percolation Irrigation Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. is a private share-holding enterprise. It is mainly engaged in the R&D of water-conserving irrigation facilities and relating services, and owns national utility model patents and inventing patents. The enterprise concentrates on research and development, services and sales, and is able to provide clients with full services of water-conserving irritation.

Project Profile
All-compensation Underground Percolation Irrigator: It is a water percolation irrigator which can prevent the absorption of negative pressure and provide a compensatory uniform irrigation. The all-compensation water irrigating valve is 250m long with 300 uniform-watering valves. Under the pressure of 40-160Kpa and under a height difference of 9m-12m, it is able to dispense water uniformly with uniformity degree up to 90%. By using the technology, the irrigator can greatly reduce water evaporation. In comparison with drip irrigation, water usage can be reduced by 15-25%. In the meantime, as a result of the modification of irrigation mode, the percolated water is transformed into soil water. In this way, the granule structure will not be damaged and the air in the soil will not be dispelled which won’t suffocate the plants. As a result, the plant growth is accelerated, the field management facilitated and the cost of human labor saved. When irrigating, fertilizer is concurrently dispensed which can be saved around 50%. This irrigator has uncalculated prospects in such fields as agriculture, high-efficiency agriculture, eco-agriculture, environmental forestation, skyscrapers and oil field water supply, etc.

Tan Hong-ji (Assistant to General Manager)
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