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Nanjing Cascade Clean Energy, Inc.

Nanjing Cascade Clean Energy, Inc.,one of the subsidiary companies of U.S. Cascade Clean Energy Company whose general headquarters is in Silicon Valley of U.S. and was set up in Nanjing high-tech zone in March 2009 by Ph.D. Zhou Chu-xin, who always tries to make the company a research and development center of microbial energy aiming at domestic No.1 and international top standard, and to realize the localization and industrialization in the field of science technology. The mission of the company is to operate a sustainable, energy-effective system of wastewater treatment.

Project Profile
Microbial Energy System:The system can treat wastewater without methane emission and can recover energy by microorganisms. It can reduce the cost of wastewater treatment and extract clean energy from wastewater at the same time. It is based on the technology platform called “Computer-Assisted Strain Construction and Development Engineering” and two major products are CASCADE Methane Bioreactor and CASCADE Microbial Fuel (MFC).

Zhi Yin-fang (Chief Technology Officer), Zhu Jie (Assistant to President)
Address: 1st floor, Unit C, Medical-Bio Incubator Building, No. 5 Xinke Road, Nanjing Hi-tech Zone, Nanjing City
Postcode: 210000
Tel: 025-58640177
Fax: 025-58640477
E-mail:Yfzhi2003@126.com day0163@sina.com