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Shenzhen Liter Water Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

The company is an integrated high-tech enterprises group engaging in water treatment research, manufacturing, sales and service of the ultra-filtration membrane and its components and home water purification equipment. It owns one of the world's largest production bases of the ultra-filtration membrane. The production and sales volume of ultra-filtration membrane surpassed 2.5 million square meters in 2008, ranking the first in the world.

Project Profile
Application of Liter PVC Alloy ultra-filtration membrane technology in the water treatment: Liter is the first company in the world to produce ultra-filtration membranes using normal PVC materials with high quality. With the technology being the core of the water treatment process, the cost of investment and operation is less than that with traditional process, and the water quality after filtering sharply increases, so it can be widely used in the water treatment industry. With the technology, the percentage of bacteria removal is up to 99.9999%, thus the tap water Aquatic Safety can reach the optimal level. Furthermore, it can effectively treat wastewater and achieve recycling utilization.

Wang Ai-bin
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