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Guangdong Huankai Microbial Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Huankai Microbial Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. is a state-owned high-tech enterprise subordinate to Guangdong Microbiology Institute, which has been committed to bio-safety monitoring and control of product development, production and management since 1993. There are 131 staff in the company,45 of whom are doctoral supervisors or of senior, mid-level technical job title, and 80% of those have received college education. It is an important research and production base for food and drinking water safety inspection and high-tech products control. After years of development, the company has set up a team with PhDs and Masters as the main body to develop the technology of rapid detection and control of food and water safety. The company is a main technical support organization in drinking water safety for China Beverage Industry Association and Guangdong Provincial Association of Bottled Drinking Water.

Project Profile
The company has independently developed a series of products for water safety inspection and control, and there are more than 400 varieties of products including microbial detection products, rapid detection of water quality series, efficient environmental protection disinfectants, detergents, water physical and chemical detection kits and so forth. Moreover, the company has first in China established the technology of drinking water safety control over carcinogenic by-product—Bromate salt—produced by ozone disinfection process. Currently, these scientific and technological achievements have been applied in many drinking water production enterprises.

Zhang Ju-mei
Address: No.788, Shenzhou Road, Science Town, Guangzhou Development Zone, Luogang District, Guangzhou City
Employer/Position: Director of Guangdong Microbiology Institute
Tel: 020-87680942
Fax: 020-87680942