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Shanghai Light Industry Institution Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Light Industry Institution Co., Ltd., which is originated from Shanghai Light Industry Institution and was founded in 1958, nowadays has developed into a high-tech enterprise belonging to the group enterprises. Since its establishment, the enterprise has accomplished thousands of research and development projects, and won hundreds of state-level, ministry and municipal-level scientific and technological awards with scores of technologies and products filling in several domestic gaps. It is a high-tech enterprise which has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system attestation. It is also entitled the state-level “enterprise strictly abiding by contract and being worthy”, the first piloting unit of IPR protection work of the country, intellectual property model enterprise in Shanghai, etc. There are a number of competent specialists in the enterprise who have the knowledge of electronic information, water treatment, machinery, chemical engineering, and analytical testing, owning supports from many intermediate engineers and technicians. Since the 1970s, the enterprise has been devoted to the research and development of water treatment technology and equipment for environment protection. By using automatic control technology, the wastewater can not only be discharged up to the standard, but also be changed into pure water which can be reused in the production. It has the design and operation certifications of specific construction projects on environmental protection issued by State Environmental Protection Administration of China and a number of national patents encouraging self-directed innovation. Moreover, it can provide an advanced and practical processing system for purifying water, which is applied to industrial effluents, industrial water recycle system and engineering services for clients.

Project Profile
Automatic system of industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment and water recycle: The automatic system of industrial water treatment adopts such technologies as membrane processes, EDI, etc. to purify water required by kinds of industrial production. The automatic wastewater treatment system can be applied to treatment for chrome and cyanide-bearing, heavy mental, acid and alkaline wastewater. It is automatically controlled until the treated water reaches the standard. The processing system of reclaimed water and reused water uses chemical and physical methods to treat water. The reused water is basically used as cleaning water in industrial system, irrigation water in landscape environment, etc. Meanwhile, the reused water can also be treated as production water so as to save energy and cost.

Intelligent equipment of circulating cooling water treatment in the environmental protection type: The advanced cleaning production technique is put into practice in the equipments of HVAC and various water treatments such as cold and hot water exchange system, which reaches an international advanced level. It has the following advantages: substituting chemical dosing,which means the emissions of chemical substances can be completely stopped; protecting public health as the germs can be thoroughly killed, such as legionnella;saving energy, stopping scaling and shedding aged scaling. What’s more, it can greatly increase exchange efficiency and save electric energy and water, which indicates that the concentration multiples of water can be up to 8-10, and the wastewater in the manufacturing processes can be substituted by running water and used as make-up water; anti-corrosion, oxide film can be formed to prevent corrosion efficiently and prolong life-span of the equipment. There is no need to guard the automatic operation, because it is on-line monitored and operated automatically by GPRS-based data transmission.

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