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Beijing Jinkong Automatic Technology Company Limited

Beijing Jinkong Automatic Technology Company Limited is an enterprise engaging in high technology and technology-intensive industry with independent legal person status. It is committed to automatic and informationized construction of controlling, operating and managing system of sewage treatment plants. In terms of making use of artificial intelligence technologies to save energy and reduce cost, it takes a leading position in the country. At present, the company has established a research and development team with College of Computer Science and Information Engineering at Beijing Technology and Business University, consisting of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 4 PhDs and 12 masters.

Project Profile
Integrated Management and Control System for Sewage Treatment: The integrated management and control system developed by the company can greatly improve the operating and management level of sewage treatment system. Making use of intelligent control technology, computer technology, automation technology, communication technology and other modern information technologies, the optimal operation as well as the cost reduction can be achieved in the whole process. This sewage treatment system consists of intelligent Control and Energy Conservation Management (ICEM) software, automotive management software, pollution-source monitoring system based on process analysis, optimal simulation of sewage treatment system and simulated operating system of sewage treatment plant, all of which have its own intellectual property rights. Moreover, the soft measurement technology and optimal control method are also utilized in the system. Based on this system, 9 national software copyrights and 1 national invention patent have been obtained.

Yang Bin
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