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Institute of Intelligence Control & Measure-Control Network in Beijing Technology and Business University

Our institution mainly focuses on intelligent and optimal control, intelligent soft measurement, computer control and monitoring network, CAD/CAM technology and system, and researches on the theory and practice of process modeling and controlling. Their applications include soft measurement and intelligent control of sewage treatment process, modeling and optimizing control of paper manufacturing, CAD/CAM system of apparel, computational control and remote monitoring of electrical equipments, and automation of industry and building, etc. In the last two decades, our institution has undertaken a number of important technological projects and made great achievements.

Project Profile
Remote monitoring and evaluation system of lake-water quality and prediction and precaution system of water blooms:In this proposed system, water eutrophication level is evaluated through theoretical methods which integrate multi-index and multi-attribute decisions. It can analyze the growth of water blooms by combining optimized theories with the algal growth mechanical model. Based on that, short, medium and long term prediction of water blooms growth can be formed after utilizing the wavelet analysis, artificial neural network (WANN) model and the gray-BP hybrid model. The information of water quality from different water areas will be transmitted on real time through GPRS/3G wireless communication technology to the water monitoring center. A man-machine interface is built by using VC++ to visually display, query and analyze the collected data. The real-time forecasts are conducted in conjunction with the water environment to support our decisions. To make it easier for users to check up the monitoring and forecasting data, the PHP technology will be used to release the data on the web, thus users can log on the website to view related information.
This system has been successfully applied to the monitoring and evaluation of water quality and early precaution of water blooms in Old Summer Palace and the North Sea in Beijing. In the near future, it will be utilized in the Taihu Lake in Suzhou.

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