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Strategic study on the technology for the control of heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang River


The project has conducted a comprehensive investigation of the industries and enterprises that discharge heavy metal pollutants in the Xiangjaing river basin. It analyses the sources and discharge characteristics of heavy metal pollution and elaborates on the current situation of heavy metal pollution as well as causes such as the waters, atmosphere, soil, sediments, and solid wastes left in history. The project summarizes the demands for the technology of heavy metal pollution control in the water environment in the Xiangjiang river basin. And based on that, the project states that technology research and a role model should be conducted from the following seven aspects: clean production technology upgrade, source pollution control, solid waste utilization, reduction of inner pollution sources, control of surface pollution source, ecological risk evaluation, and control management in the twelfth Five-year period. Then a strategic control system in terms of heavy metal pollution in the water environment of the Xiangjiang River will be established.