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Treatment and reuse technology of arsenic, cadmium smelting wastewater

By screening the sensitizer of the target pollutants, we studied the modification of diallyldimethylammonium chloride of the polysilicic ferric sulfate flocculant to synthesize new compound flocculant. Induced by the microwave catalysis, the sensitizer can capture particles of target pollutants to form larger particles, which will flocculate with the compound flocculants and then settle. After that the particles will settle quickly in the secondary stream settling process. The removal of arsenic and cadmium from the wastewater is studied by using monopolar, bipolar and combination methods. The effects of electricity, pH, pollutants concentration and reaction time on wastewater treatment are also studied. In addition, the project dealt with physical and chemical mechanism in electrocoagulation; optimized the neutralization-flocculation and operating parameters of electrocoagulation treatment process; compared effects of neutralization-flocculation and electrocoagulation treatment process on the removal of arsenic and cadmium, and analyzed and evaluated the energy-saving effects as well.