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Technology System for Comprehensive Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention and Control in Water Environment of the Xiangjiang River

On the basis of the TMDL plan, pollutant discharge in different functional areas along the basis of the TMDL plan, pollutant discharge in different functional areas along  the Xiangjiang River will be put under control to determine the discharge load limits and plans for discharge reduction. The Heavy metal pollution–intensive enterprises in the region of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan will be investigated as a case study in attempt to build the control strategy for heavy metal pollution in non-ferrous metal industries in the Xiangjiang River basin.

Especially addressed to the heavy metal pollution prevention and control as well as the tighter management of the Xiangjiang river basin, laws and regulations regarding the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution in Xiangjiang river basin have to be drafted and amended. The local quality standards and discharge standards have to be promoted. All these will provide technical support and basis for scientific decision-making and law enforcement by government departments and agencies. Besides, these can be used as reference for the nation to formulate relevant standards.
Designed to prevent and control the pollution of typical heavy mental such as cadmium, arsenic, and lead, and in combination with water environment automatic monitoring system and information system, a decision support system based on 3S technology and computer simulation technology will be established to manage the heavy metal pollution in water environment.
Based on the investigation of current water environment in the Xiangjiang River basin, we have to work out a plan for the comprehensive control of pollution in the Xiangjiang river basin and assess the effects of the heavy metal pollution remediation program. All the above research , as well as the practical application of mock prediction of heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang water environment and management decision system will help establish comprehensive management technology system for the heavy metal pollution control in the Xiangjiang water environment. This will provide a technical support for the Reform and Testing Zone of resources-saving and environment-friendly society in the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster. It can also provide technical support and a good example for control and comprehensive management of heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang River and other similar rivers across the nation.