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Resources and Environment Engineering School of Northeast Agricultural University

School of Resources and Environment Engineering has 90 staff members, including 66 teachers, among which 16 are professors, 20 are associate professors and 21 are lecturers. 44 teachers have obtained doctoral degrees. The school consists of 12 doctoral supervisors and 44 master’s supervisors. During the past three years, the school has presided over or took part in a total of 18 national projects, including “Eleventh Five-Year” Technology Support Project of Ministry of Science, Project 948 of Ministry of Agriculture, National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and Technology Research, National Project 863, National Social Science Fund, China Postdoctoral Foundation, Development Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Structural Adjustment Project, etc. .It has been undertaking 10 international projects, 65 provincial projects and 18 other projects.

Project Profile

Technology of Strengthening Swine Wastewater Treatment with Combined UASB-SBBR: In view of characteristics of swine wastewater of high concentration of organic matters, ammonia nitrogen and suspended substances, and based on the key technology of UASB that can efficiently remove organic matters, we adopted combined process of UASB-SBBR to strengthen swine wastewater treatment. Based on that, we adopted modern biotechnology to construct aerobic granular sludge of shortcut nitrification fit for high concentration of ammonia nitrogen, then we researched and developed multilevel bio-augmentation technology of shortcut nitrification-denitrification granular sludge, which can improve observably the efficacy of ammonia nitrogen removal and achieve the goal of simultaneous removal of high concentration of organic matters and ammonia nitrogen in swine wastewater by using system optimization, integrated technology and operation parameter optimization. Other items of the wastewater can meet the national discharge standards GB 18596-2001 <Discharge standard of pollutants for livestock and poultry breeding> after treatment.

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