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Environmental Science and Engineering College of Taiyuan University of Technology

Our college has 66 faculty members including 45 professional teachers, among which there are 9 professors, 9 associate professors, 5 doctorial tutors and 15 master's tutors. We are responsible for more than one hundred projects which are related to basic research, applied research and industrial development research at national and provincial level. For instance, the National Key Basic Research Program of "973" Project, National Environmental Protection Public Project, the National Natural Science Founds of China (NSFC) General Project, National Science and Technology Research Sub-topics, the Sino-Japanese Cooperation in CDM projects, the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Project, Shanxi Provincial Fund for Nature project, and projects funded by local government and enterprises.

Project Profile

Technical Overview on Coking Wastewater Treatment by A2/O2 Biofilm Process:Taiyuan University of Technology has cooperated with Tongshida Industrial Co., Ltd. of Linfen City in Shanxi Province, to study coking wastewater biological treatment system. After two years’ study of pilot plant test on “A2-O2 Biofilm Process for Treatment of Coking Wastewater Technology”, the treated effluent COD and NH3-N concentration have reached general wastewater discharge standard I (COD ≤ l00mg / L, NH3-N ≤ 15mg / L) without any dilution to coking wastewater.

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