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The Administration of Agricultural Resources & Environmental Protection of Hunan Province

Responsible for agricultural protection, the station has 12 permanent staff, including 3 research fellows and 5 senior agronomists with all having bachelor degrees or above. In recent years, it focuses on agricultural and environmental quality monitoring, agricultural non-point source pollution prevention and control, agricultural resource conservation and alien species management, etc. The station has many years of experience in research and technology promotion which has won the first and second prizes successively in Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and has received first prizes in Harvest Awards in agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries at national and provincial level. Besides, there are two projects which have passed the appraisal by Provincial Science and Technology Department. Currently, series of major projects are being organized to be implemented, such as the striding program of agricultural science and technology named “Integrated and Industrialized Demonstration of Agricultural and Organic Waste Recycling Technology”, and the key project among the “Eleventh Five-Year” supporting programs of national science and technology called “Research and Demonstration of key technologies Concerning Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Farmland Pollution”.

Project Profile

Powerless Disposal System of Rural Domestic Sewage: The system is suitable for dispersive disposal of domestic sewage from kitchen, wash machine and toilet. Its principle is to assemble sewage to sewage disposal system by tubes based on specific landform. The system consists of three pools, which are called (1)Sedimentation pool (with its main use of water regulation, water quality uniform and initial precipitation, anaerobic fermentation and degrading); (2)Anaerobic fermentation pool (with its main use of degrading organic pollution in polluted water and sterilizing harmful microorganisms such as E.coli; (3)Plant-soil percolation pool (with its main use of absorbing N, P and organic compounds by anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms, the absorbency of plant and permeability of soil, thus water quality can reach prescribed standards for pollutants discharge).

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