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Civil Engineering College of Hunan University

Civil Engineering College of Hunan University, with a history of over 100 years, has six National Secondary Key Programs including Water and Wastewater Engineering, three key laboratories in Ministry of Education and others at provincial level, and a comprehensive educational system for undergraduates, post-graduate and post-doctors. As to the faculty, there are 2 Yangtz River Scholars, 1 Furong Scholar, 2 Eminent Teacher of Hunan Province and 6 members of National Major Guidance and Evaluation Committee. Recently it has been undertaking many key research programs including the Eleventh Five-Year Supporting Project, 863 Project, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Moreover it has won 4 Secondary Prize of National Technology Improvement Award and many awards at provincial and departmental level, and the reputation of its academic research and talent-cultivation come out top among its peers.

Project Profile

Ionized Pollutants Removal Using Ion Exchange Membrane Chemo-reactor: The ionized pollutants, such as Cu2+, Mn2+, F-, PO43 –, etc., have a serious impact on environment and human health. Those pollutants cannot be removed effectively via conventional water treatment processes. Membrane techniques can be used to remove them under the condition of high pressure or electrical potential, resulting in high operation cost. This study investigated the removal of ionized pollutants using Ion Exchange Membrane Chemo-reactor (IEMC). The results showed that the ionized pollutants could be effectively removed in the IEMC without applying external power and IEMC has a potential applying value in the water supply and the wastewater deep treatment, especially in the areas with the natural salt water.

Shi Zhou
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