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The 402 Brigade of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development

Founded in 1952, the brigade now has 1800 workers and staff members, including more than 1200 engineers and technicians, 2 professorate senior engineers, 165 senior engineers, 369 engineers and 236 national-class registered persons. The main projects include exploration of geology and mineral resources and hydrogeology, engineering geological exploration and test, technology services of engineering geology, geotechnical engineering (governance) and all kinds of tests. In the last 57 years, we have finished the integrated survey of hydrogeology, engineering and environment geology in the major cities of the middle and northern regions of Hunan province, e.g. research on the Dongting Lake Area’s hydrogeology, engineering and environment geology and governance countermeasures, investigation of Hunan’s geothermal resource and so on. We have won 11 Mineral Resources Research awards, 10 Scientific or Technical Awards and 5 Prizes of Exploration Achievements, etc.

Project Profile

Research on secure water supply and shallow groundwater quality in the Dongting Lake: With deep analysis of 1720 test data of shallow groundwater quality of the Dongting Lake Area, we found the pollution modes and approaches and the constructing features of pollution elements, and established the mode of shallow groundwater pollution. By the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and concentration and toxicity weighting system, we estimated the quality of the Area’s shallow groundwater. Based on these, we provided several suggestions about the development and utility of the Area’s shallow groundwater, such as choosing water resources according to circumstances and adjusting the food structure scientifically. Our achievements can, in a direct way, supply guidance for water supply security, small town planning, selection of centralized small-scale water source area, dispersion of water supply in rural areas and so on.

Groundwater resources evaluation in pilot construction area of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan megalopolis: By means of ground surveys, geophysical prospecting, drilling, testing and so on, we have found out conditions of the geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology and environment geology in the area of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan megalopolis, thus 20 water-rich sections for urban water supply are enclosed for concentrated water exploitation area, or for long-term exploitation & planning source water area, or for emergently needed source water areas, among which 11 in Changsha, 6 in Zhuzhou and 3 in Xiangtan.

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