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Hunan Institute of Aqutic Sciences

The Institute has 93 serving staff with 44 professional technical cadres, among which 17 employees have senior titles (vice researcher and senior engineer) and 18 have junior titles. Among them, there is 1 Ph. D., 1 postdoctoral research fellow and 11 postgraduates. Since 1978, the institute has completed 86 national and provincial scientific research projects. It has been given 4 National Science and Technology Progress awards, 1 National Invention Award, 2 National Science Conference awards and 43 Provincial Science and Technology Progress awards. It possesses five national invention patents.

Project Profile

Efficient Use of By-products of Pearl Cultivation: China is the biggest pearl farming country. A large number of pearl’s internal organs and shells are wasted every year, resulting in serious environmental pollution, thus it is urgent to realize recycling utilization of the by-product. Hunan Institute of Aquatic Sciences has mastered the processing technology and produced two series of products which can rapidly improve ecological environment of the pond and promote the growth and the immunity of aquatic animals.

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