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Hunan Provincial Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute

The Institute, which has nearly fifty years of history, is the only non-profit public welfare Provincial Water Conservancy and Hydropower institution. During recent 40 years, the Institute has mainly engaged in water conservancy and hydropower engineering technology and the application research of new materials and new technologies. The Institute has conducted consultancy services about risk-elimination, reinforcing, design, construction, supervision and engineering technology concerning Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering. At the same time, the research of irrigation planning, water-saving irrigation and related basic theory have also been conducted and advisory services about these items have been provided. What is more, the research for environment of water resources, disaster prevention and mitigation, irrigation and water conservancy, soil conservation, basic processing, water conservancy safety monitoring, automated information and other scientific and technical services have been conducted all these 40 years.

During the "Tenth Five-Year" period, the institute received more than 20 research projects above provincial and ministerial level and published 60 pieces of papers. It is also in charge of the Ministry of Water Resources "948 Program" and other 3 key scientific researches. It has been given 16 scientific and technological progress awards at provincial and ministerial level, and has chaired and participated in the preparation of 4 provincial-level technical standards as well as design specifications.

Project Profile

Standard of quota for water use of Hunan Province: drafted by Hunan Province Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute came into operation on July 1st, 2008, the first one made by Hunan Province. It consists of rural water use quota, industrial water use quota and urban domestic water use quota. It provides a legal and technical support on the implementation of water conservation policy—“control total amount and manage the quota” for national economy professions of Hunan province.

Risk Management of Agricultural Drought and Early-Warning of its Grading: This project puts forward the concept of risk management of agricultural drought based on actual situation in the south of China. By introducing risk theory to agricultural drought research, the project has established agricultural drought risk analysis model from real-time monitoring, drought identification, risk assessment, early warning of drought and other aspects, and has proposed corresponding technical approaches for providing technical support for agricultural drought risk management, scientific prevention from drought in southern China. Besides, the indicator system of early-warning of agricultural drought grading has been established based on the agricultural seasonal occurrence law of drought in Shaoyang of Hunan Province. By using Fisher identification, MarRov chain and other methods, agriculture drought occurrence and developing process is dynamically simulated, which has provided decision-making basis for agricultural drought risk management.

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