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Water Resources & Hydropower Survey and Design Research Institute of Hunan Province

With a history of 60 years, the institute has a comprehensive discipline range on a large scale. As a National A-ranking institute, it is cited as the top 100 in national survey and design realm. The management of product quality complies with international practices and has obtained the ISO9001 certificates. The institute has about 1600 staffs, among which there are 10 experts enjoying special government allowance, 35 professorate senior engineers, more than 400 senior engineers, more than 500 engineers and about 1000 professional and technical personnel.

Since its establishment, it has finished the task of over 3000 plans, surveys and project designs, mainly including over 10000MW accumulative installations of hydropower, about 1200MW pumping irrigation and drainages, 3 million km2 of agricultural irrigations and drainages, the Xiang, Zi, Yuan, Li and the Dongting Lake’s treatment and dredges of over 20 river channels lasting over 2500km, over 40 embankments of main dykes of the Yangtze River, major dykes and flood dykes lasting 5000km and over 40 urban flood control works. What’s more, the institute has accomplished nearly 100 major scientific researches, involving chairing and participate in editing over 120 provincial or ministerial technical norms and design specifications. Successively the institute has won over 200 awards, such as the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, the National Prize for Invention, the National Prize for Excellent Engineering Design, the National Prize for Excellent Engineering Survey, and Provincial or Ministry Prize for Excellent Engineering Design and Excellent Engineering Survey and so on.

Project Profile

Research on Sustainable Use of Water Resources in Hunan Province: The research outcome has achieved provincial Grade A prize for hydro-power scientific and technological progress in 2007, and provincial Grade B prize for scientific and technological progress in 2008. It was tightly combined with present conditions of water resources in Hunan Province, taking systematic study and profound analysis on sustainable use of water resources in Hunan. It adopted methods of trend analysis, elastic coefficient and index analysis to conduct research on water supply index of different trades and gave demand predication of each industry. It explored carrying capacity of water resources in main river basins, putting forward assessment indicator system for water resources in Hunan, and making a comprehensive assessment on development and utilization of water resources in different sub-regions. On that base, it brings forward overall macro-economy layout in the main river basins and the relevant economic development indexes. Constructing the model for optimum distribution of water resources in Hunan, the research made a systematic analysis on key regions, and conducted the study on support and limitation of water resources in Hunan to the national economy. It established a mode for sustainable utilization of regional water resources, and provided decision reference for economic and social development in Hunan Province.

Application of Full-section RCC in Jiangya Dam Water Resources: This project was awarded the provincial Grade A prize for scientific-technological progress in 2001, and the national Grade B prize for scientific-technological progress in 2003. Jiangya Dam, part of the whole hydro-power complex, with the height of 131m, is one of the highest full-section RCC gravity dams completed in the world. In accordance with the property of continuous mass RCC construction, grade 2 rich concrete was adopted for upper face seepage control above 100m, which greatly benefited rapid RCC construction. Some technical problems were solved, such as RCC used for high dam seepage control, thermal stress control of mass concrete, and increasing of shearing resistance of construction level in high shearing stress zone. The creative using of inclined layer RCC construction and improvement in technique of distorted concrete construction make a breakthrough in RCC damming technology. The whole complex is a key water control project in the Lishui River basin of Hunan Province, which has comprehensive functions of power generation, irrigation, navigation, water supply as well as tourism. The total reservoir storage is 1.85×109m3, and the flood storage capacity is 7.4×108 m3. Jiangya project started the construction in July of 1995 and was listed in the national key projects, with total investment of 3.396 billion yuan. After completion of the reservoir, it can increase flood control standard from present 4-7 year return to 17-20 year return in lower reaches of the Lishui River, thus flood pressure in the Dongting Lake Area will be enormously mitigated.

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