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Hunan Academy of Forestry

Hunan Academy of Forestry Science is a comprehensive research institute for public welfare with complete forestry disciplines, strong technical force and advanced testing methods. Currently, there are 240 employees involving 188 professional and technical personnel, 65 of whom have senior professional titles including 22 professors and 43 associate or senior engineers, and 8 PhDs and 17 masters. The institute has received 169 science and technology achievement awards, 11 of which are national awards and 158 are at provincial or ministerial level. 13 national patents obtained.

Project Profile

Technology of Heavy Metal In-situ Block and Eco-Restoration in Tailing Area: Based on the study of spatial and temporal distribution characteristics on heavy metal pollutants produced by ash and slag stacking, using biology, ecological restoration science, biochemistry, soil science and multivariate analysis methods under diverse complex ecosystems involving “trees-shrubs-herbs”, this project is to absorb various heavy metals in the area near tailing dam and fix them in the ecosystem, thus the output of heavy metals pollution loads can be reduced by 60% or more. By those enriched plants and hyper-accumulators intercepting various heavy-metal pollutants in slag at the source, the project can achieve an effective control of non-point source pollution and good water quality. This project has planted 800 acres of ecological restoration experiment and demonstration forests mainly including broussonetia papyrifera, ailanthus, ligustrum lucidum ait on the upstream of Zhexi Water Reservoir in Lengshuijiang—“Chinese Antimony Capital”, where it has been seriously polluted by heavy metal antimony mine. Besides, another 120 acres mainly including broussonetia papyrifera, chinaberry, etc. are planted on the abandoned tailings dam and waste slag stacking of Shuikoushan plumbum-zinc mine.

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