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Institute of Biological and Environmental S&T of Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Institute of Biological and Environmental Science & Technology in Central South University of Forestry and Technology is an interdisciplinary and international research platform which is given priority to development by the university. It has the high-class nanotechnology laboratory and biological technology laboratory, and has cooperated with University of Waterloo and University of Florida. The research areas are focused on biological technology, nanotechnology and information technology in biological and environment application. The research institute has participated in many national research projects and holds 3 professors, 3 PhDs, 5 young teachers, 3 professional laboratory technicians as well as many graduate students. 5 patents have been issued and 3 are being applied.

Project profile

Intelligent Network Sensor System: Based on computer network technology and intelligent sensing technology, the system is composed by sensor, microprocessor and correspondence connection. Developed by ours as well as Shen’s group of Waterloo University, the system is an emerging technology and can apply broadly to health, environmental monitoring and military field, etc. The structure of this system mainly has three parts, including the construction of sensor part, the process control and the realization of wireless transmission. This intelligent network sensor system has automated quick data acquisition, effective processing and transmission, as well as intellectualized analysis and formidable policy-making function. It is interactive through wireless stochastic network technology and internet, and it can realize real-time online monitoring and decision-making responds anytime and anywhere, so as to enormously enhance the reliability and response speed of supervisory system. Simultaneously this intelligent network sensor has supersensitivity, non-mark and real-time response, and can fast distinguish and examine ultra trace bio-contaminants. Moreover the system can realize early warning and monitoring for disease germ threatening public health in drinking water.

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