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As one of the key research units in Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT), the Institute of Environment Science and Engineering (IESE) was established in 1995 with main focuses on areas of environmental chemistry, water pollution control,constructed wetland engineering and ecosystem restoration. Today there are 25 working staffs including 9 professors and 10 associated professors in IESE. Since its establishment, IESE has been undertaking many national and international key projects. Members of the institute have made more than 100 scientific publications and received in the recent five years 2 national invention patents, 1 provincial prize for achievements in science and technology, 2 provincial appraised achievements in science and technology and 1 national prize in environmental science and technology.

Project Profile

Multiple Landscaping-type Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: The technology of constructed wetlands used as wastewater treatment systems has been developed rapidly in recent years. The technology is of high value in controlling point and area sewage source pollution, particularly in newly developed districts far away from central treatment plants, small towns, rural areas, tourist sites, as well as those areas with urgent need to increase sewage treatment capacity due to the increase in population or implementation of new and more restricted sewage discharge standards. The newly developed system is a combination of surface-, subsurface- and vertical-flow wetland units with enhanced and integrated physical, chemical, biological and ecological functions. By application of a series of key technologies including the use of filler complexes with high permeability and absorption capacity, function regeneration of the bio-filler layers, introduction of terraneous plant species on floating-bed, cultivation of winter-resistant species, and landscape design, etc., the established pilot bio-group model and its application practices have shown that the treatment system is effective, stable, sustainable and of high landscaping value. The system obtained a national invention patent in 2005, two provincial appraised achievements in science and technology in 2005 and 2008, and a third national prize for appraised achievement in science and technology in environment protection.

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