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Central South University of Forestry &Technology

Founded in 1958, Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT), is co-sponsored by Hunan Province and the State Forestry Administration. After more than 50 years of development, CSUFT has become a multidisciplinary university with specialized branches of science, engineering, agriculture, arts, law, economics, management and education and has been authorized to confer a comprehensive range of programs including bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate programs and post-doctoral programs. The university now has 18 colleges, 2 departments and one public-teaching department, with more than 34,000 full-time students and 2,510 staff members, among which there are 198 professors and 614 associate professors.

The university has 3 post-doctoral research programs, 17 second- level doctoral programs, 46 second-level MA or MS programs. Also, the university has 3 State key disciplines, one national engineering laboratory, one state key field scientific experimental station and 6 provincial key labs. Recently, the university has undertaken 690 scientific research programs, among which 72 have been supported by the “863 Project” or State Natural Science Fund, 320 programs are at provincial or ministerial level. The university has received 17 awards for scientific and technological advancement at national and provincial level. Wide academic exchanges and cooperation have been established with about 50 universities, research institutes and enterprises of over 20 countries.

Project Profile
3R (R1: recover copper from the spent solution, R2: regenerate the chemicals bearing in the copper etcher/micro-etcher, R3: recycling-use of the copper etcher/micro-etcher) Systems are developed as a new cleaner technology to recover copper and reuse its chemicals from copper etchers/micro-etchers (abbr.:3RSCE/3RSME) in PCB and ME industry. Based on 3R (recover, regeneration, reuse) strategy, 3RSCE/3RSME is aimed to transform the polluting spot(etching/micro-etching stage in PCB/ME enterprises) into Cleaner Production and result in great declining of chemicals consumed at those stages. From the technical point, 3RSCE/3RSME is an integrated technology of selective separation of heavy metals from spent wastes (membrane separation), metals recovery (hydrometallurgy), chemicals regenerated in site (components adjustments and balance in etchers) and quality control of the reused etchers/micro-etchers. 3RSCE/3RSME is also an effective combinations of the following operating units: etcher/micro-etcher making-up and the ingredients control part (for both starting and regenerated process), detecting & measurements part (monitoring a series of index by gravity-meter, copper, chlorine and alkaline/acid concentration by automatic measurement, etc.), copper separation and recovering part (from the spent waste), rinse part (copper removal from the rinse wastes and its reuse), cooling device and central-control part (power, water supply and etc ).

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