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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, Changsha University of Science and Technology

The college consists of five departments: Chemistry Department, applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, Food and Biological Engineering Department, Department of Environment and Light Chemical Engineering, and Experiment Center. At present, there are seven undergraduate majors and four master majors. There are 119 full-time teachers, 28 of whom are professors and 50 are associate professors. In the past five years, the college has undertaken more than 30 research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation, the National science and technology research topics, the 863 Plan and the Fund for the Student abroad of the Ministry of Education, etc. The college has acquired 6 provincial or ministerial Science and Technology Progress awards, 15 national patents. In addition, more than 30 academic monographs and textbooks, over 550 academic papers have been published. It is active in the contact with foreign universities, research institutes and enterprises. It has established scientific and technological cooperation and exchange relations with universities, research institutions and enterprises of Japan, France, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions.

Project Profile
Non-chlorin Pulp Bio-bleaching Technology: The oxygen-base bleaching agent and bio-bleaching agent are employed in the non-chlorin pulp bleaching sequences for replacing traditional chlorine-base bleaching agent, such as chlorine, hypochlorite, and dioxide chlorine totally. The dioxin and adsorbable organic halogens (AOX) that form from the reaction of lignin with chlorine and hypochlorite in the pulp bleaching process are eliminated in the effluent from the pulp bleaching process. The chemical oxygen demand (CODcr), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and color of the effluent can also decreases by 80%, and the amount of the bleaching effluent can be reduced by 70% compared with traditional CEH bleaching process. The first investment and the operation cost are low. The technology can be used for new non-chlorin production line or the retrofitting of existing production line.

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