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School of Water Conservancy, Changsha University of Science and Technology

The school is developed from Department of River and Harbor of Changsha Communications University and Hunan Water Conservancy and Hydropower College. Nowadays, the school has 6 undergraduate programs, including a featured national program and a featured provincial program. It has 1 PhD authorization order, 7 Master degree authorization orders and 1 MSEE authorization order. And among them, “Port, Coast and Offshore Engineering” is a provincial key discipline and “Water Science and Water Disaster Controlling Laboratory” is a key laboratory in Hunan. The school now has 93 faculty members, among which there is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one expert receiving special government allowance from the State Council, 3 foreign professors, 12 professors, 21 associate professors and 33 lecturers. In the past three years, the school has undertaken 4 projects of National Science Foundation, more than 60 provincial foundation projects and other research projects at provincial or ministerial level, among which 6 provincial or ministerial scientific and technological awards have been won, and more than 300 research papers have been published, with over 60 papers indexed by three major index systems.

Project Profile
High Efficient Direct Drinking Water Treatment Equipment of Integrated Fluorine and Arsenic Removal: The combined technologies are preozonation, cartridge filtration, precision enhanced adsorption filter, membrane separation and ozone disinfection. Oxidation of As (III) to As (V) in raw water by preozonation is propitious to arsenic removal in the coagulation and sedimentation. At the same time, preozonation can increase dissolved oxygen to water, and reduce carbonate and bicarbonates salt, which will cause adsorption competition with fluorine and arsenic in consequent adsorption process. This equipment sample went into operation in March 5th 2009, at Tangshan Dredging and Land Reclamation Limited Company. According to the test result by Tangshan Center for disease control and prevention, the removal rates of fluorine and arsenic in water both amount to 99% and the treated water complies with drinking water standard.
Groundwater Contamination Survey and Evaluation in Hunan Province: In cooperation with Hunan Environmental Protection Department and Hunan Land and Resources Department, the school for the first time in Hunan carried out groundwater inorganic and organic contamination survey and evaluation systematically. The main achievements are as follows: put forward method of Reference Value determination for groundwater contamination evaluation in areas without background information, established database of Reference Value of groundwater contamination evaluation for Hunan Province; raised the idea of risk division of groundwater contamination in terms of human health risk assessment and conducted case studies; evaluated groundwater vulnerability to pollution, and established the partition of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in Hunan Province.

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