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Resources & Environment College of Hunan Agricultural University

Our institution was established in September 1999, comprising of Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Department of Agricultural Resources, Department of Land Management, and Teaching and Experiment Center. At present, our college has a staff of 81 members, of which 19 are professors, 21 are associate professors and 30 have doctor’s degrees. What’s more, the college has a post-doctoral station, a doctoral program and two master’s programs for S.I discipline, four doctoral programs and six master’s programs for S.II discipline, and a provincial key constructional project-environmental project. Also, our college has a strong competitiveness in equipment, with five functional laboratories and the investment of 10 million RMB on equipment. In recent year, we have undertaken more than 40 national or local projects about environmental management and thus have been granted with a number of excellent prizes, such as 6 times of the National Nature Science Foundation, and 30 times of progress awards for National Science and Technology in Hunan.

Project Profile
Techniques of Hydrolysis/UASB/MSBR/Disinfection for slaughterhouse wastewater treatment: In view of the characteristics of high COD, ammonia, suspended solids and grease in slaughterhouse wastewater, this practical treatment process is developed. After environmental monitoring, all the effluent indexes meet the first class requirement of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996). The removal rate of COD, NH3-N, SS and grease respectively reach 95.7%, 93.6%, 97.4% and 82.1%, with colon bacillus not found in the effluent.
The characteristics of the treatment process include: high removal rate; low operation fee, only 1 yuan/t for treatment; convenient and simple operation; capability of shock loading resistance; high methane recovery rate, etc. The stable treatment process can be used not only in slaughterhouse wastewater, but also in poultry and animal aquaculture wastewater.

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