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Institute of Environmental Engineering of Central South University

Supported by a series of innovative platforms, such as the State Environmental Protection Engineering Center of Pollution Control in Non-ferrous Industry, our institute has carried out innovative researches in metallurgical environmental engineering. The institute has developed three distinctive research directions including pollution control and resources recycling of “off gas, wastewater and solid waste”, clean production and environmental impact assessment of mining and metallurgy, and biological remediation technology in mining and metallurgy. Possessing outstanding research talents, the institute has been undertaking numerous projects, such as Major State Projects of Water Pollution Control, the National Key Fundamental Research and Development Program, the National High-Tech Research and Development Program, the National Key Project of Scientific and Technological Supporting Program, and the National Key Natural Science Foundation. Moreover, the institute has developed many practical technologies, e.g. biological treatment of wastewater in non-ferrous metallurgical industry, and effective utilization of heavy metal-containing solid waste.

Project Profile
Technology of acid wastewater treatment scrubbed from off gas by biologics in metallurgical industries; Technology of deep treatment & recycling of heavy metal-containing wastewater by biologics: The biologics is prepared from the metabolites of multi-functional thiobacillus flora combined with inorganic compound. The biologics possesses a large amount of functional groups such as –OH, -COOH, -SH, -NH2, which can combine with heavy metal ions and consequently precipitate heavy metals by adjusting pH value. The slug from waste water treatment is dehydrated and then reused in smelt process to recover valuable heavy metals. Thus deep wastewater treatment and heavy metals recycling can be achieved.
This technology has been successfully applied in Zhuzhou Smeter Group Co., Ltd. A project (100 m3/h) to treat acid wastewater containing mercury and other heavy metals and a project (600 m3/h) to treat heavy metal-containing wastewater have been established. The technology has several advantages including high efficiency for heavy metals removal, high resistance to impact load, no secondary pollution, no need to supply nutrients for microorganism growth, low investment and operation cost, and easy operation, suitable for various industrial wastewater containing heavy metals.

Chai Li-yuan, Prof. Director of the Institute
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