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College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Southwest Jiaotong University

Focusing on environmental science, engineering and fire safety, our college has developed into a teaching and academic research one with a series of unique subject research directions in water pollution control, engineering, harmless solid waste disposal and utilization, engineering environmental control (green transportation system and ecological restoration projects), architecture and transportation fire safety, etc. Since the establishment, the college has combined subject development with some major projects concerning both national economy development and environmental protection. And we have undertaken more than 200 projects successively, including the National Natural Science Foundation, major projects funded by the Ministry of Railways and by Sichuan Province, and projects about environmental pollution prevention. The total research funds amount to nearly 15 million yuan. We provide services for society in railway, highway, municipal administration, environmental protection, etc. And our researches have produced economic benefits of more than 100 million yuan.

Project Profile
Efficient Artificial Rapid Wastewater Infiltration Technology: Comparing with conventional activated sludge process and its evolved techniques, the total investment of the improved technology can be reduced as much as 400 yuan/t with treatment cost reduced by 0.3yuan/t. According to monitoring results, COD, ammonia-nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, TN, TP and other indicators of the effluents from the technology, meet the requirement of A-level, Class 1 of the Pollutant Discharge Standard of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002): removal rate of COD above 90%, ammonia-nitrogen above 85%, and TN about 60%. This technology can be widely applied with its minimum-scale suitable for single-family sewage treatment in rural area about 0.5-1t/d, medium-scale suitable for small town about 50-500t/d, and large-scale suitable for slightly polluted waters in densely population areas about 10000-50000t/d.

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