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Water Resources Research Institute of Shandong Province

Our institution was founded in 1957, a part of Shandong Provincial Water Conservancy Department. It is a social non-profit research institution mainly focusing on irrigation technology and application. All together, our institution has 234 staff members, including 103 having senior professional titles (33 researchers), 83 having intermediate professional titles and 18 enjoying special state allowances, 8 top talents of provincial science and technology, and 4 young experts having made outstanding contributions to Shandong Province. Our main specialized scopes include: water assessment and utilization, water ecology and water environment; irrigation, drainage and soil & water conservation; measurement and control of project quality; construction and management of hydraulic engineering, etc.

Since 1980s, our institution has completed many national key projects as well as other programmes from Shandong Science and Technology Department and Shandong Water Resources Department. We have made various achievements in the field of water resource researches which have won many national and provincial prizes of science and technology. Our institution has been applied as an affiliated unit of “Shandong Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Water Environment”, “Ministry of Water Resources Center for Irrigation Experiment in Shandong”, “Research Center of Modern Agricultural Water-saving Projects in Shandong” and “Ministry of Water Science and Technology Promotion Center, Shandong Province”.

Project Profile

Integrated Management on Water Resources in Coastal Areas: Coastal areas are economic development focus in Shandong Province. With the growing economy and improvement of people's living condition, the demand of water has increased rapidly. However, the problem of water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and water shortage has become a bottleneck restricting region development. Traditional methods can no longer be a good solution. Based on the analysis of existing problems and funded by China’s Science and Technology Department as well as Germany Teaching and Research Department, this project has carried out the research of integrated management on water resources and established a typical decision-making support system for river basin, by introducing advanced German technology of water resources' integrated management. The project improves the utilization of water resources, prevents and controls groundwater pollution, and protects ecological environment by taking engineering and non-engineering measures and optimal dispatching of various water sources, which has greatly promoted sustainable use of water resources in coastal areas and local region’s sustainable development.

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