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South China Institute of Environmental Protection (SCIES)

As an integrated institute of environmental sciences affiliated to the State Ministry of Environmental Protection, South China Institute of Environmental Protection (SCIES) is involved in the following researches: environmental issues of tropic and subtropical regions, utilization and protection of water resources, innovation of pollution control techniques, simulation of complex water environment in estuary, tidal river and bay, and environmental issues of urban cluster. In the past three decades from the establishment, SCIES has undertaken numerous environmental research projects funded by state and local governments. The institute has been awarded 8 National Science and Technology Advancement Prizes, more than 100 science and technology advancement prizes at ministerial, provincial and municipal level, and other types of awards.

Project Profile
Water Resources Management & Pollution Control & Re-use technology: Based on long-term hard work of research and practices, SCIES has made a mass of advanced research achievements in the field of protection and utilization of water resources, which includes policies and standard for water resources management, the approach to recycle and utilize water resources, the control technology of water pollution, the technology of simulation of water environment, the technology of environmental information, the control technology of non-point source pollution, the bioremediation technology of contaminated urban water (river, lake, reservoir, landscape water), water quality preservation technology, and prevention and treatment technology of water pollution in water source area, etc.

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